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Division A
WeekResultMatch Date
week1The Brown Eels vs team einstein (0-2)2005-10-24
week1The Brown Eels vs team insanity (2-0)2005-10-30
week1bigdog / doum vs Quick Jeetness (2-0)2005-10-17
week1bigdog / doum vs illuminatis (0-2)2005-10-19
week1Fruit vs clan dz (0-2)2005-10-16
week1Fruit vs Where's the Grapple? (0-2)2005-10-15
week1new expert gamers vs The Boss (0-2)2005-10-17
week1team insanity vs illuminatis (0-2)2005-10-16
week2The Brown Eels vs bigdog / doum (2-0)2005-12-02
week2The Brown Eels vs illuminatis (0-2)2005-10-25
week2team einstein vs clan dz (2-0)2005-11-17
week2bigdog / doum vs Where's the Grapple? (0-2)2005-10-28
week2Fruit vs Quick Jeetness (2-0)2005-12-05
week2Fruit vs The Boss (0-2)2005-10-29
week2Quick Jeetness vs new expert gamers (0-2)2005-10-25
week2new expert gamers vs team insanity (2-0)2005-10-30
week2team insanity vs Where's the Grapple? (0-2)2005-10-21
week3The Brown Eels vs Fruit (2-1)2005-11-06
week3The Brown Eels vs Where's the Grapple? (0-2)2005-11-07
week3team einstein vs The Boss (0-0)0000-00-00
week3bigdog / doum vs new expert gamers (0-2)2005-11-13
week3Quick Jeetness vs clan dz (2-0)0000-00-00
week3Quick Jeetness vs illuminatis (0-2)2005-11-08
week3The Boss vs team insanity (2-0)2005-11-22
week3illuminatis vs Where's the Grapple? (2-0)2005-10-30
week4The Brown Eels vs Quick Jeetness (2-0)2005-12-05
week4team einstein vs bigdog / doum (2-0)0000-00-00
week4team einstein vs team insanity (2-0)2005-11-22
week4Fruit vs new expert gamers (1-2)2005-12-02
week4Quick Jeetness vs Where's the Grapple? (0-2)2005-11-04
week4new expert gamers vs illuminatis (0-2)2005-11-18
week4clan dz vs The Boss (0-2)2005-12-02
week5The Brown Eels vs new expert gamers (2-1)2005-12-02
week5team einstein vs Fruit (2-0)2005-12-02
week5team einstein vs illuminatis (0-0)0000-00-00
week5bigdog / doum vs clan dz (0-0)2005-12-02
week5Quick Jeetness vs The Boss (0-2)2005-12-05
week5new expert gamers vs Where's the Grapple? (0-2)2005-11-22
week5clan dz vs team insanity (2-0)2005-11-22
week6The Brown Eels vs clan dz (2-0)2005-12-02
week6team einstein vs Quick Jeetness (2-0)2005-11-17
week6team einstein vs Where's the Grapple? (2-0)2005-11-13
week6bigdog / doum vs The Boss (0-2)2005-12-02
week6Fruit vs team insanity (2-0)2005-11-22
week6new expert gamers vs clan dz (2-0)2005-12-02
week6The Boss vs illuminatis (0-0)0000-00-00
week7The Brown Eels vs The Boss (0-2)2005-12-05
week7team einstein vs new expert gamers (2-0)2005-12-01
week7bigdog / doum vs Fruit (0-2)2005-12-02
week7bigdog / doum vs team insanity (2-0)2005-11-22
week7Fruit vs illuminatis (0-2)2005-12-05
week7Quick Jeetness vs team insanity (2-0)2005-11-22
week7clan dz vs illuminatis (0-2)2005-12-02
week7clan dz vs Where's the Grapple? (0-2)2005-12-02
week7The Boss vs Where's the Grapple? (2-0)2005-12-05
Playoff week1Where's the Grapple? vs The Brown Eels (3-0)2005-12-12
Playoff week1illuminatis vs new expert gamers (3-0)2005-12-11
Playoff week2Where's the Grapple? vs team einstein (0-3)2005-12-12
Playoff week2The Boss vs illuminatis (3-0)2005-12-14
Playoff week3 finalsteam einstein vs The Boss (1-3)2005-12-23

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