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Playoff Brackets! 2005-12-05
NA NQR 2 Playoffs!
(1) emc2
(4) wtg
match cmt4
match (forfeit) wtg
(5) 33L


(2) boss
(3) ill
match dm3
match cmt4
(6) neg

best of 5 best of 5 best of 7
due 12/11 12/15 12/22

Playoff Match Results

Here's the playoff picture. The rest of the unplayed matches are considered double forfeits. Since the top 3 teams are 8-0 and none played each other, the FD (Frag Difference) decided the seeding. Some playoff rules:

  • Follow the playoff schedule. If the matches aren't played on time, they will be forfeited.
  • The quarter and semi-finals (round 1 and 2) are the best of 5 maps, and the finals are the best of 7.
  • If no agreement can be reached for a match time, the default start time is the deadline date at 10:00pm EST (12/11, 12/15, 12/22)
  • No map can be played twice in a single matchup. The only exception here is if the tiebreaker map is agreed on by both clans. This applies to every round.
  • The map picking for round 1 and 2 goes like this: The lower (better) seed picks map 1. Alternate picks after that. If a 5th map is needed, a cmd rand decides who will toss one of the remaining 3 maps. When one map is tossed, the other team chooses the final map to be played.
  • The map picking for the finals goes like this: The lower (better) seed picks map 1. Alternate after that, no repeat picks (unless the 7th map is agreed on). The team that wins 4 games first is the champion.

Please post playoff match times on the forum, and make sure to have a spectator setup a cam on a proxy. Thanks!

gl hf.

UPDATE: Congrats to boss on a well played finals. It's unfortunate all maps weren't played, and the match wasn't scheduled ahead of time long enough for many people to hear about it. I'm glad we had somewhat of a finals, given the schedule and time of year. Happy Holidays, and gg's.

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Playoffs 2005-12-05
Playoffs will be given brackets and that all that good stuff this week and will start THIS week. Playoffs will have the top 6 teams competing. The top 2 will get a bye and the other 4 will play quarter final match ups. Brackets will be posted tonight after the matches from yesterday are reported.

Tenative playoff schedule:
Rd 1 matches due by 12/11 (sun)
Rd 2 matches due by 12/15 (thur)
Final Rd due by 12/22 (thur)


Sorry dread, had to edit your news post to fix some things :) -skeLman

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Make-Up Week 2005-11-28


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Make-Up Week 2005-11-22
Next week is make-up week, which means it is the last chance to get all your games done. All games remained unfinished will accrue a penalty of 1 pt. Which may effect your playoff poll position.

Any clans with more than 4 games unfinished will be removed from playoffs due to inactivity.


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Regarding Forfeits 2005-11-14
No forfeits other than: INS vs 33L's have been reported to the head admin and accepted as forfeit losses, all other forfeited matches, until reported to me with a reason for their forfeit is still to be played.


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