Build a better league? 2006-06-06
That's right, it's 6/6/6 today -- PENT news baby!

EQL4 Discussions have started here, and they talk of a more strict schedule. Feel free to head over and join the discussion (or spend a few hours reading the comments that have already been posted).

It brings up an interesting idea, teams being able to choose days they are committed to playing on (choose 3 dates of these 5 ... M/T/W/Th/Su), and one of 3 hour blocks (8/9/10pm, or whatever). Then the schedule is automatically created, choosing whichever days match between the 2 teams. The teams either show up and play the match at that time, or they get a forfeit loss. It's an idea to try and increase the amount of qw being played, and I like where it's going.

Could this be a good answer to qw leagues in NA, too? No more bothering of scheduling things, just know when your match is, and show up. I like it.

Any comments?

(Sorry, there isn't really any pent news)

Written by: skeLman
e  2006-06-06  21:19
comepletly REMARKABLING smart and couragious
niomic  2006-06-06  21:26
I came here for some Pent updates and all I got was some scheit about scheduling :[

skel  2006-06-06  23:48
Heh. One last 666 post...!
STEEK  2006-06-07  16:03
Thats an idea that i had a long time ago but people ignored me :(

STEEK  2006-06-08  14:45
nice new logo it gets me all excited
STEEK  2006-06-12  15:01
so when is the next inactive tourney? how about we develop some clans first.
Traxler  2006-06-12  17:00
I'll be in your clan steek.
STEEK  2006-06-13  15:31
you don't want to be in my clan I know you hate me
STEEK  2006-06-13  15:55
i heard ILL was getting back together with a few new members
ia  2006-06-18  12:15
i think it's a good idea. it would help scheduling.
ia  2006-06-22  12:19
lets get this shit going =)
Bryan  2006-08-04  10:05
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