Summer breeze... 2006-06-05
Yeah that's right, the summer breeze makes me feel fine.

NA QW is taking it's usual summer break, and seems very inactive this time around. There are very few 4on4 games, and even with a large number of new servers throughout the states, there has been little qw'ing. Both 2on2 dm leagues have been cancelled due to inactivity and it's just so damn nice outside too. I'll be working on my tan, and lets schedule some games for September-ish. Sound good?

Written by: skeLman
STEEK  2006-06-05  16:09
has your new wife turned you soft?
skelman  2006-06-05  16:31
peter  2006-06-05  17:12
Is that summer breeze blowin' through the jasmine in your mind ?
skelman  2006-06-06  14:17
I don't get it.
peter  2006-06-06  16:37
Its the next line of the song that you quoted... :o
fred mcgriff  2006-06-06  17:26
is this song available in the VIP mp3 section?
skelman  2006-06-06  18:27
doh, I'm fired. :(
peter  2006-06-06  19:20
where is this vip section of which you speak and ill let you know...
STEEK  2006-06-07  16:04
VIP section is called kazaa-lite


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