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Wait and see... 2006-05-22

I went ahead and removed a bunch of teams that hadn't played any matches up till this point. That leaves 6 teams in div 1, and 8 in div 2. All EU teams are gone from div 1, but 3 pure EU teams remain in div 2 along with the mix NA / EU team of Steek / Insane.

Hopefully more matches will get played now I've trimmed the fat, as Skitter used to say. When the time for playoffs arrive we'll see what happens. In the mean time try to get some more matches played if possible. :) There are 2 weeks of regular season play remaining. The season is over June 4th.

Written by: pg
pg  2006-05-22  12:19
I'm also thinking of changing the rules to take only the top 2 teams per div instead of top 4 since there are so many fewer teams now. Of course unless quite a few more matches get played it'll be basically impossible to tell who sure who should go.
razor  2006-05-22  14:56
good move! :)
maybe we can start use this comment thread for scheduling matches? anyone wanna play vs me/reppie on sunday somewhere around afternoon your time, just msg me at irc #ibh
Traxler  2006-05-22  15:34
It might be easier to communicate with euros if they stay logged onto irc overnight. I have never been able to respond to a query because there is 'no such nick'.
skelman  2006-05-30  11:15
My team is around...and ready to play some matches...
STEEK  2006-05-30  13:20
im losing interest
pg  2006-05-30  13:38
Only been 1 match played in ~3 weeks. What should we do for playoffs?
STEEK  2006-06-02  16:14
skip the playoffs just do best of five for razor/reppie vs Kovaak/Cyan, the lets play some 4on4 pickups

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