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Whats Up? 2006-05-14

Activity seems null. People that registered aren't scheduling or playing their matches. Why did you signup? To Idle? Seems like it... Looks like the demand for tournaments is dropping off, so here's the deal. A total of 8 matches must be played by Wednesday or this tournament will just be cancelled. You've wasted the better part of the week+end already, so that leaves you with 3 days to get it done. So far we are 1/8. Good Luck.
Written by: def
razor  2006-05-15  02:07
hehe you too?? omg :) pg was going nuts about inactivity in PIC3 page also, i think you should both just let it run as it is for the whole tourny out, i dont how it is in NA, but the activity use to pick up during the later stages of a tourny in EU, in lots of nqrs etc only like 3 games has been played the first 3 weeks and then the last week 20 games get played :)
def  2006-05-15  06:42
There is a slight difference here, Razor. There is total inactivity, nobody has tried to set or schedule even a single match. It just seems like nobody or almost nobody has any interest left. Well see how it pans out.
doum  2006-05-15  10:35
15th of may, team crp & doum READY FOR BATTLE! Hanging in #american, so message one of us and let's get this show on the road already!
zip (dst)  2006-05-15  11:17
One of the things keeping myself specifically from playing a match is that the maps aren't on the OFQ servers yet. Last time I checked was Friday.
def  2006-05-15  18:52
they are on all, ukusa servers,, etc servers so just use one of those for now
ia  2006-05-16  13:18
i'd play, but neither of my teammates are around.
def  2006-05-16  15:38
all maps on are ofqsp servers as well now thx to zip
VISE  2006-05-17  02:04
doum  2006-05-17  18:34
the league is great.
its people that suck :O

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