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Inactivity 2006-05-14

The tournament thus far has gotten off to a rocky start, and I am wondering what players think I should do about it. Currently 12 teams haven't played one match which is almost 50% of the teams signed up. I could remove them all since the vast majority of them apparently signed up without any intention of playing their matches. That'd leave 6 teams in div1, and 8 teams in div 2.

I think most of the damage caused by these inactive teams is already done however. When roughly half the teams in a tournament are inactive it saps a lot of the competitive spirit from other teams. It also seems a bit ridiculous to give out money when it looks to be a competition of who can manage to play enough teams to make it to the playoffs.

Written by: pg
razor  2006-05-15  02:04
i think u should keep them, its not so unusual that its very inactive in start of tournys, in EU too, but then it can pick up during the last weeks. and imo they doesnt do any real harm, except making the scoreboard look ugly :)
dread  2006-05-15  09:01
I think at least some of those teams will never play a match. TBH I'm already sick of this tourney due to inactivity.
pg  2006-05-15  11:03
Thing that pisses me off is I think a lot of teams knew they weren't going to play their matches but signed up anyhow. If just the active teams had signed up we'd probably not be having any problems.
STEEK  2006-05-16  15:47
You need to make a deadline and everything will fall into place, teams that play their matches before the end of the deadline will have higher rank in the standings and the ones who dont play matches will not make playoffs. you should put a heavy weight on the games played as well as the games won. this will encourage games played. Does this make sense? For instance 3 points for a win, 1 point for a match played, and two points for a match played where you lost but won 1 map! sound good? yes I know i'm brilliant!
skel  2006-05-16  16:03
Different, tougher rules on the schedule to start with might've helped. I know I'll be gone for a week and a half soon, so I don't want a deadline screwing my team over. I've been trying to play matches, but others are not around wanting to play.
pg  2006-05-16  18:10
Tougher rules don't really make a big difference, it just leads to forfeits now instead of later usually. :D The real issue is no one seems to care to play basically...
skel  2006-05-17  16:58
I think it's worth a try. League night has even helped CA leagues get matches played more often at the start. Eventually they seem to always die, but that's CA. I like the chances of a 'specific night' league for DM.
STEEK  2006-05-17  17:47
i think nobody wants their 1 dollar for 3rd place he he
STEEK  2006-05-18  15:56
I notice a common trend, where as certain players always sign up for tourneys and never play. I don't think I've ever seen Q4 players ever finish 1 of their matches so ban them from all future tourneys. It must be that retarded braincell in their brain that makes them think Q4 is actually fun. And I have also noticed that people who team with drako, pinion, ia, and 10, never play their matches. So can you please prevent these people from joining any tournaments in the future because they just wont play, it has only taken us 5 tournies to realize this. AMEN!

pg  2006-05-18  18:04
HEH, I actually asked some of the people who signed up that haven't played one match yet if they were serious and I got back all yes's.
Traxler  2006-05-19  09:21
Great analysis Steek.
Traxler  2006-05-19  09:38
One factor that is lending itself to the inactivity is the EU and NA teams being mixed. Just about every day when I get home from work I have a message from razor or reppie asking me to play. When I respond I get the 'no such nick' message. If all EU was in one division, and all NA in another, far more games could be played. Maybe the EU teams should stay up until 3-4 am and play us in our prime qw time.

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