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Tourney is Live! 2006-05-10

Quick Reminders:
-Top 4 teams advance to Premier Playoffs (Single Elim)
-Teams 5 through 8 advance to Standard Playoffs (Single Elim)
-8 Weeks total to complete all of your matches.
-Every team plays every other team twice, once best of 3 on dm2 dm4 dm6, and once best of 3 on vendm1 vendm2 vendm3.
-This equates to 15 Matches per team, for the entire 8 weeks. You need to play ~2 matches per week to stay on schedule.
-Each best of 3 match needs to be reported seperately, although it is required that you play both series at the same time back to back.
-Remember you need screenshots and mvd demos to report. You cannot report a match without them!
-You can play ahead of schedule. Now go on and quench that apetite for frags.
Written by: def

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