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skeLman's PIC3 Power Ranking 2006-05-04
Can be viewed here. Maybe someone can start a flame war, etc but in all seriousness his rankings seem fairly accurate. I would like to really hear some EU opinions on his column however. :)
Written by: pg
def  2006-05-07  23:58
FYI: sv_minping by Disconnect (dev of mvdsv, ezquake, ktx mod)

"Minping delays only "incoming" packets (packets send by player to a server. They are incoming for server. Packets send by server to a player are outcoming for server. Here i'll talk only about server packets). But in real word we have half delay on message receive and half dellay on send.

When is going when we have sv_minping 40:
incoming packets delayed up to 40 ms. If you have _REAL_ 41 ms, then your packets delayed on receive by ~20~ms and ~20~ms on send. If you have 39 ms, ten your packets delayed on receive by ~40ms~ and ~20ms~ on send.

With sv_minping 40. You have ping about 40+(half of your ping to this server), but "incoming" delay have much power on "button reaction'. When you jump or fire with sv_minping 40, it acts like you have 80ms ping. Thats why sv_minping sucks.

Solution: Split sv_minping delays. MVDSV _MUST_ delay 0.5 * sv_minping.value on receive and 0.5 * sv_minping.value on send. I dont know so well this part of MVDSV sources, so i cant do it :E."

Have fun with 208ms.
razor  2006-05-08  00:24
hehe hm i dont see the problem with minping, i dont notice that much big difference, or well not any difference at all actually in my honest opinion, it defenatly doesnt feel like 208 ms with 104 minping at least, thats for sure :) even thou that technical explanation is maybe right i dont know, but hm minping 40 certainly doesnt feel like 80 either, so hm i dunno, i think its totally playable, i experience minping 40 as the same as 40 real ping, and its not that im not picky with ping, i dont like 55 ms "real" ping, thats where i draw my limit for what i like to play with, with lpb-standards, u start to get that slow feeling with 55 and up. And for hpw around 100 is totally ok
def  2006-05-08  00:37
You don't feel it, because the 104minping doesnt affect you, since you have 115ms afaik. The minping only affects people who's real ping is below the sv_minping barrier. To be fair though, it's not actually 208ms response time with 104 sv_minping. It's 104ms from the minping, plus the player's ping to the server. So for example if you ping 35ms to a server, sv_minping is set to 104, it will be 104ms + 35ms on firing, jumping, etc.
def  2006-05-08  00:46
Try jogi's experiment to confirm. Works.
pg  2006-05-08  11:02
I've been telling people to avoid it whenever possible by using qizmo rerouting just because then no one can whine about minping. :) It's not like you have to use minping, NA has so many qizmos everyone should be able to find one that gives ~104ms to Jersey/Virginia if they want. Disconnect's explanation is confusing, and seems to say your out going packets from server can be LPB, but incoming are minping+your ping? Obviously that's a weird way to play QW but couldn't you actually have a ping advantage if you pinged low to the server and minping was high like 104ms? Just for example 40+40+104=184, 184/2=92. Or is that incorrect?
razor  2006-05-08  21:34
ye ok, althou i dont feel any difference in EU either, when i have 26 and we use minping 40, it would be 66 then, there is no way it feels like 66 for me :), i still dont feel any difference at all, it feels just as a normal 40, i dont know why, I dont know tech stuff. But i would defenatly notice if it would feel as 66 or even 50, maybe its different for different connections? maybe i have a good swedish connection? :)
STEEK  2006-05-12  16:21
people that have not played a match yet are teh gay


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