Early Season PIC3 Power Rankings! 2006-05-03

These are my early season (a bit into week 2) Power Rankings for Partners in Crime 3. I think two surprise teams this season might be sane/dmx, who I'm guessing is slik (dmx), and BogoJoker/pg. These teams are skilled, and should handle minping better than most due to sane's western location, and due to pg's long term experience with a high ping. I hope this makes for some interesting and surprising matches!

    Overall Top 4
  1. razor / reppie
  2. cyan / Kovaak
  3. sane / dmx (slik?)
  4. BogoJoker / pg

    div1 Top Teams:
  1. cyan / Kovaak
  2. sane / dmx (slik?)
  3. cata / vise
  4. crp / carnage
  5. bigdog / doum
  6. Tri / Drako

Received Votes:
cyrax / soma
123 / pericles

    div2 Top Teams:
  1. razor / reppie
  2. BogoJoker / pg
  3. Empezar / Sassa
  4. insane / STEEK
  5. karnage / toxic
  6. dread / trax

Received Votes:
hafog / mipa

There isn't much of an explanation for these rankings other than my gut feeling on some of these teams from either hearing about them, or seeing them play in scrims (prac) -- and of course if I've played against them. If you feel slighted in the rankings -- start playing those PIC3 games and prove me wrong! :)

Written by: skeLman
pg  2006-05-03  22:38
Look fairly accurate, maybe favoring NA teams slightly. What does received votes mean? I am also hoping people play more matches soon. :) Comment some more later perhaps, gotta goto bed... ZZZ
STEEK  2006-05-04  08:55
don't undermine 123 and pericles, they kept razor and reppie on their toes on some maps :P It would be nice to see that more matches are played up to this point though. I would like to see some demos of some of the teams before I challenge them LOL!
skelman  2006-05-04  09:56
If you've ever seen a top 25 poll in college sports you'll see the top 25, and then you'll see a group that didn't quite make it under 'received votes'. It's just another way of saying 'maybes'. Yeah I'm favoring NA teams, but until I see some EU teams playing I can't really say much for them. :(

Yeah STEEK it would be nice, I need to start playing some games too. :O

pg  2006-05-04  18:13
skeLman: So who else other than yourself voted? :)
razor  2006-05-04  18:41
ye i think 123/peri can do well too :) , me rep has played a game but it doesnt show, i think rep reported it, server didnt have MVD, does it have to have mvd to be automatically reported?
STEEK  2006-05-04  18:43
razor i think you have to manually enter all the frags all 166 of them
pg  2006-05-04  20:11
razor: You should be able to enter ss then manual frags, but you won't get leet stats. If you need more help msg me on irc, ]km[pg in #american usually.
skelman  2006-05-04  23:31
newbman voted as well.
STEEK  2006-06-13  15:58
skelman is a very statistical person :P

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