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Vendetta 2: Ping Galore, Announced! 2006-05-03

Vendetta 2: Ping Galore, is the new name for the second season of the infamous North American 2on2 Tournament. Some people ask why start another 2on2 tournament when we already have PIC III? Isn't that a great 2on2 tournament? Short answer: no. Long answer: nooooooooooo.

There are some key differences between the two tournaments, that in our opinion will make Vendetta 2 distinct, and for many North American players more enjoyable. Moreover, our unique league system places an emphasis on profficiency on both regular maps and custom maps equally, creating a more even battlefield. This will encourage competition between battle hardened veterans of the classic maps, and the new breed of talent on maps where everyone's level of experience is equal. These custom maps were designed by the famous professional mapper Mr. Fribbles, and had their item placement modified and balanced for 2on2 competition by Inertia.

We have to decided to take a page out of NQR 9's book to make this tournament even more fun for everyone. Vendetta 2 will now be compromised of two independant playoffs; Premiere Playoffs, and Standard playoffs. At the end of the regular season, the top 4 teams will progress to the Premiere Playoffs, and teams 5 through 8 will progress to the Standard Playoffs. This will provide yet another opportunity for fun and competition between teams of similiair skill level.

Here are some of the league highlights, but be sure to read all the details in the rules section.

- No Minping rules. Server choices are restricted to the North American continent.
- Single division for all teams.
- Every team plays every other team in the division.
- A match consists of two best of three series, a regular map series, and a custom map series.
- Two map pools:
Regular: Dm2, Dm4, Dm6
Custom: VenDm1 (modified efdm8), VenDm2 (modified efdm7), VenDm3 (modified efdm11)
- These maps will be available for public download tommorow.
- 0pts are awarded for 0:2 series loss, 1pt is awarded for 1:2 series loss, and 3pts are awarded for a series win. Therefore, you may gain up to a maximum of 6pts in a single match.
- Top 4 contenders progress into Premiere playoffs (single elim).
- Teams 5 through 8 progress into Standard Playoffs (single elim).

Head Admins: def, cyan, kovaak, ultimo.
Co-Admins: drako, inertia.
Written by: def
op3l  2006-05-03  15:05
nice logo :)
def  2006-05-03  17:24
thx :D
skelman  2006-05-05  13:41
To teams that have signed up: don't forget you need to fill your roster out. Even if you are using the same team from PIC3, you still need to add players to your Vendetta 2 roster. I see some teams with no players listed under their teams. Login and add players to your roster! :D
phil  2006-05-05  22:39
head admins: bgag
flinty  2006-05-06  07:55
now i've made the locs

just give me some money h0es and b00ze and i'll continue making locs k plz thx bye

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