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Yes, the tourney has started... 2006-05-01

So play your matches! :) This is just to clear up any confusion, as apparently some players believed it had not in fact started yet. Feel free to play matches earlier than their scheduled week. If you have any problems contacting your opponents you can message me and I should be able to point you in the right direction.

Also some advice for EU vs NA matches - generally I would say you should schedule these matches well in advance and play on the weekends. Usually around afternoon for NA players would work best as that's night time in EU. Constant communication is key to getting hard to schedule matches played.

BTW, very few of the first weeks matches got played. There are probably more than a few teams who are not serious about the tournament and will likely be removed by the season end. Also one of the top teams(Def and Ult) dropped out.

Written by: pg
STEEK  2006-05-02  12:23
whats wrong with the stats dude! im last.. that has got to be wrong! :P
Traxler  2006-05-02  15:15
Speaking of stats, I can't see any of the graphs or screenshots. I only see a small red x in the upper left corner of where they should be.
skelman  2006-05-02  18:54
There is an issue that's being worked out. Things should be working again soon.
STEEK  2006-05-04  08:49
looks like 8 of the 27 teams have at least played one match, pucker up boys! heh
pg  2006-05-04  18:02
Raist / Foyo, also dropped out. They too happened to be in div 2 like Def / Ult. I am pretty sure some other teams signed up aren't too serious, but we'll see if they play their matches or not.

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