Design the new logo! 2006-04-21
So the consensus is the logo gets the job done, but it isn't that great. I've heard "tough to look at", "ugly", and "horrible looking", but enough about ult, let's get back to the issue at hand -- the logo. (kidding)

So if you're interested in making a new logo for the site, and have some photoshop skills, give it a try. The image should be 680 x 250ish. It can vary from the 250 mark if it needs to. The logo should have the text '' in it as well.

Send any logos to skel [at] quakeworld [dot] us along with your quake name so I can give credit. Don't be shy, send me what you come up with by May 7th, Thanks!

Written by: skeLman
STEEK  2006-04-22  05:49
how about add some GIF activity!
hetman  2006-04-24  04:00
Please add an RSS for this website. :)
skelman  2006-04-24  09:48
We'll get that on the todo list..
skelman  2006-05-03  01:30
New logos on display, including the main page and tourney logos for PIC3 and Vendetta 2.
STEEK  2006-05-03  07:46
new logo looks very genki
skel  2006-05-03  09:24
You're going to have to define that for me...
joy  2006-05-03  21:26
The Vendetta 2 logo is sweet.
dread  2006-05-04  15:25
genki means good..or some shit
5yph3r  2006-05-06  22:06
zomg in before the deadline!!
5yph3r  2006-05-06  22:13
oops ok now its the right size
Space Ghost  2006-05-07  02:16
Would you be so kind as to explain the use of asiatic characters to brand an American based site whose very name declares regional independence from such type?

Perhaps I'm missing somethi-- Hey! Leave that alone, Zorak!
lemon  2006-05-08  22:30
i have to agree, the characters are a bit odd.
pg  2006-05-09  22:55
notlemon  2006-05-11  02:44
yeah, but he only shows up to complain about something? what a dork.
sico  2006-05-15  14:57
me thinks ult is secsay! x0x0x
yeah, new logo isn't so hot.
STEEK  2006-05-18  09:00
what do those characters mean? white people suck?
Wangsta  2006-05-19  03:36
"what do those characters mean? white people suck? "

Well it IS true innit?
STEEK  2006-05-22  09:00
tk = team kill
STEEK  2006-05-31  17:11
i like the new logo.. it makes me feel fresh and humble
XantoM  2006-06-04  16:16
Maybe something like:
STEEK  2006-06-04  18:35
omfg! now thats much better XantoM SKELMAN!

skelman  2006-06-05  10:00
Nice. I'll give it a look-see with the page later tonight.
5yph3r  2006-06-12  22:27
what about mine?
ia  2006-06-18  12:09
i like sypher's logo! the current one is a bit too american.
Estevan  2006-08-04  10:03
a50c304f3b929baf11819b7a3a70d031 luccahotel inseriresitomotorericerca ortodonzia tonerbrother hoteltorresestriere blackcat profilattici bancafacile orphen calzagamba noleggioponteggio blackandblonde cartinageograficamondiale sfondi1024 hotel4stelleperugia madeira 2c9b7f801c901cb50971d67a71c64b13

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