NA Clans playing in Europe: Status = not so good 2006-04-03
Team GW-GL MW-ML (maps) Div GW-GL MW-ML (maps) Div
American Gangsters: (ag) 0-1 (0-2) Silver A (0-2) (0-4) 2B
paramedics: (+) 0-2 (0-4) Bronze D (0-2) (1-4) 4B
cool guys: (cg) 0-1 (0-2) Bronze D (0-1) (0-2) 4B

Recent Action:
AG had a heartbreaking loss to Eläintarha, losing a DM2 game that went into overtime.

The pmedics (+) have been calling for a medic, with some tough games and tough pings. Lead by pg in 2 good efforts on e1m2, the pmedics grabbed an e1m2 win over DQM in their most recent match of EQL. They lost the match, losing dm3 and dm2, but at least there's a 1 in the MW column.

cg has had some tough matches similar to the pmedics. Can they get enough guys and overcome to huge ping disadvantage some of their players play with? We'll see.

So far, there's been nothing easy for the NA clans overseas.  Hopefully more coverage as the matches continue to pile up.  Go NA!

EQL3 link

NQR9 link

Also: pg has updated his column. Check it out here.

Written by: skeLman
pg  2006-04-04  11:43
Paramedics is the only team with 1pt so far! :D
skelman  2006-04-04  13:00
:D. Hopefully more where that came from. I think there are some beatable teams in our divisions, in all the american teams divisions. It's too bad cg and + are in the same division in both leagues. It would be nice to be able to root for them throughout both whole seasons.
!phil  2006-04-04  20:48
och aye...

cmon f00s pull it together :D
ziel  2006-04-08  19:47
lame why not mention me for the 2nd e1m2 game? I helped tooOo!
ia  2006-04-13  13:34
haha we have a point! overall i think playing in the eu is great, 4v4 is active and it's like having a 56k modem again. i encourage more us teams to join divisions 4 and 5.
STEEK  2006-04-14  07:02
i still dont understand why Clan Malfunction beat Slackers :(

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