Do people still read these columns? 2006-04-01

This column is going to be a scattering of thoughts I've had since I've become LPB.

The very first few hours I played LPB I thought I wasn't going to be able to adjust at all since QW seems literally 5x as fast. I lost the ability to time items, and my movement even was worse. I gradually adjusted. Now I can click into my ping after a while much easier than when I was HPB. QW seems like a totally different game however, and I notice how much stronger tactics, and LG can be.

I get pretty nice ping to most places. Nothing lower than 26ms, but I get 39ms to some places in Texas and Denver which is nice. I do kind of agree with the Europeans now about pings however. Once you get above 39ms it starts to feel not as natural.

I don't have a problem playing in EU with the 105ms to 155ms, but I am not as interested in playing there as I thought I would be when I was HPB. This is mostly due to the fact that EU players in general are fairly good compared to NA players and most ping very well. I did signup to play in NQR and EQL with the Paramedics(tag + ), but unless we practice I think it's going to be a tough season in both leagues.

I used to have infinite patience as a HPB, but now as a LPB I have lost most of that. Perhaps it's just a temporary phase, but I am not sure. That translates into me being fairly bad at 1on1, but sometimes I have a breakout game in 4on4. It's like Skitter told me months ago, it's just more fun to play +forward and you can play +forward almost non-stop in 4on4.

In a bit of irony I have access to two LPB connects now, I guess I must be making up for all that time without one.

Written by: pg
pg  2006-04-01  13:06
STEEK  2006-04-02  15:58
pg do you know why I dont like 1on1s yet? :P im too impatient for that .. +forward all the way
skelman  2006-04-02  17:23
Nice column. Keep us posted on the trials and tribulations of the paramedics :O.
dread  2006-04-04  21:44
I want to know what happens next!
BogoJoker  2006-04-07  00:47
pg rocks low ping =)
Your a pro, no doubt about it. Learn to duel, seriously you might not find it fun at first but it is so much more fun then waiting for 4+ players.
pg  2006-04-07  12:44
Well, maybe I'll pickup duel eventually. I used to enjoy it a lot way back in NQ, but I just feel totally out of my league in QW 1on1 LPB. It's kind of a shock moving from being HPB for like ~7 years to being LPB, and I dunno if I will ever adjust totally. How many really good HPBs kept with it once they went LPB? Didn't sned, nemesis, etc all quit basically? Not that I would quit, but I think many good HPBs have in the past.
skelman  2006-04-10  10:17
I think most players who are LPB came from being HPB at one point. If everyone quit after the change there would be no players.
pg  2006-04-10  12:39
I am was talking about lately... Sned, nemesis, and warrior were basically the only HPBs in QW over the last couple years, and they all quit I think.
ia  2006-04-13  13:37
]km[pg is the next stx-kash.

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