EQL 3 Starting 2006-03-23
European Quake League 3 is underway. There was basically no break from the end of EQL2 and the start of EQL3. Let's hope it goes well, for qw's sake. The same teams from North America that are in NQR9 are also in EQL3. Looks like there will be plenty of high ping 4v4 action for the North Americans. On another recent note, LA won EQL2. They were a CTF rival of the 'American Idiots' team that played in nqrctf1, so congrats to them.

EQL3 - http://qw.fragzone.com/eql/index.php

Written by: skeLman
STEEK  2006-03-29  14:22
looks exciting, i wish i was active enough to partake in the fun! :P
STEEK  2006-03-30  11:49
I've noticed that the north american record is 0 wins and 2 loses!... comon boys!
pg  2006-04-01  21:30
Hopefully we will get one map as a victory...
vb  2006-04-02  10:45
pg  2006-04-02  15:55
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