NA 2on2 DM Ladder 2006-02-27
It looks like sane (from neg in NA NQR2) has started up a 2on2 DM Ladder on the new nqr site. Glad to hear there is more activity in NA lately. There were some rumblings around here about starting up another Vendetta 2on2 tourney, and this ladder might be a good lead-in to that. I stole some text from the Quakeclans forums

The tournament is going pretty well so far, with exactly 14 teams with a exception of few inactive ones for now. I would definetly want more teams to join, i dont care if your from CA DM CTF or TF. I just want this to be a nice big tournament with around 20+ teams. The information posted below: @ (admins: sane,aap)

Please tell your friends to join if your already in it, and just start playing please.

If you need any information pm me on @ or post some replies on here.

-sane (post link)

We're a little late on this post, and since no one else did -- I thought it needed to be here. So join up for some 2on2 dm action!

Written by: skeLman
STEEK  2006-03-14  11:58
should be ez for team steven, steven is unstoppable

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