NQR9 Update: Signups closing soon! 2006-02-22
Signups are closing at the end of this week for NQR9. So far, 2 American teams have entered. American Gangsters (cyan/ult/def/kovaak) have been added to the silver division, and the paramedics (ia/karnage/ziel/skelman/dread/etc) have been added to the bronze. The divisions, seedings and groups should be cleared up this weekend followed up with a schedule on March 6th.

AG should have some good matches, and hopefully represent the US and Canada well. Only time will tell if the paramedics can get their act together, play as a team, and beat some teams abroad. For me, capturing the flag with 120ms is a bit different than trying to win a game of Deathmatch -- a game I'm still learning to play with 50ms. It will be a large challenge, but I hope we have some dedicated, good guys to play with. Keep tabs on these two teams here:


Good luck everyone!

Written by: skeLman
def  2006-02-26  01:10
skeLman rocks!

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