Rampage 2006 Concludes 2006-02-19
The one night 2on2 ctf tourney happened on Thursday night. The tournament used a draft format where the top five players were seeded. Interestingly the results were nearly the reverse of the draft order. Final results are:

1st - Poindexter and ult
2nd - Creature and Skelman
3rd - BLooD DoG and PiAnO DoG
4th - ia and WhitE DoG
5th - HarCon and lemon

All results and stats are available at the rampage website. The dev team here has been busy finalizing ctf stat support, but I think they look pretty good right now (be sure to check the new ctf dropdown from the stats page). A seperate record capture times and other historical feats page is rumored to be in the works.

A few interesting games:

The first map of the night featured a huge comeback and became an instant classic.

The 3rd place consolation match started off with a discussion of how many games it should be out of. While deciding between a three or five map series someone joked that it should be best of six. Sure enough the first map ends in a tie 120 to 120. The teams then split the next four games and the game six decider became reality.

The night ended with team alpha victorious over team beta in five games.

Also see last years results.
Written by: fred
skelman  2006-02-20  08:50
We had a decent turnout, and it was good times once again. I hope to see some of you new CTF'rs around for more games, as well as those of you that missed the action, but wanted to play. Maybe a 3on3 CTF league (game per wk)? We'll see... :D
[DP]PiAnO_DoG  2006-02-27  12:03
3on3 league !!!!!!!!

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