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Tourney completed! 2006-02-17
GG's everyone. Stats and demos and such should be up tomorrow hopefully.

UPDATE: Stats and demos are up for the tourney. Also, the stats and demos have been submitted for Rampage 2005 here.

Written by: skeLman
cyan  2006-02-18  17:25
crap i missed it
STEEK  2006-02-19  15:34
bloodog must of been rusty! heh
[DP]BLooD_DoG  2006-02-21  00:13
didn't know rusty was a synonym for ping-raped :) JK it was a great tourney, we should do it again soon.

Thanks to Skel for organizing, and to the dev guys for working on the stats (piano, dew, skel, ult, ??), and of course the test guys for debugging to perfection (blood).
fred  2006-02-21  23:15
poindexter  2006-02-22  00:11
ping raped...I HAD THE HIGHEST PING! :p

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