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Awards 2006-02-16
Award Winner Comments
MVH hobbit Most valuable half-ling....sorry lemon
Best Start Harcon Only ended up with 99 (in his first game), but started with about 80 frags..beating on Blood and hobbit
Best kill hobbit (kills steek) steek was hooked by hobbit...
Least frags in a game Blood_Dog with -1...yep I said negative one
Speediest capper do7hedew quick as a whistle, but about as smart as a bag of least he can cap :o
Best commentary ult wins by default
Most Captures Master 27 Caps in 8 games
Best teamwork Forrest & do7hedew Worked well together against everyone
Best DM'r CTF'r steek Although he hates the grapple, he still played great and I even saw him using it...nice work steek
Shakiest player Master I get a headache just watching that shakey crackfiend....GG's though ;)
Biggest fruit lemon fruity in more ways than one...
Best STR defender Forrest if you fly into his base, it better be with quad or resistance...or else splat.
Best game 3rd place, game #2 Harcon and steek win over Blood_Dog and hobbit 129-128
Best single performance Master 100% efficiency in Championship Round, game 3 to seal the deal.
Worst disconnect Blood_Dog At least you didn't have the flag.  Still -- bad timing for a crash....time to upgrade perhaps?
Best series 3rd Place series Harc & Steek vs Blood & Hobbit....3 back and forth games with great action! :D
Best tourney staff member skelman I win by default too!!  I never miss a chance to pat myself on the back.. ;)

GG's everyone, it was loads of fun. 

Written by: skeLman

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