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Tourney Tonight! 2006-02-16
Well the day is finally here. I hope to see some old schoolers as well as new faces participating in the 2on2 tourney tonight. We'll be starting the draft at 815pmEST, so please showup in #qwctf on etg. If you need the map and loc, grab it from the rules page.

The dev team hit a small snag, so I apologize for not getting Rampage 2005 stats up on the site yet. We should be able to work that out fairly soon I hope.

We will be trying to report matches on the fly tonight, so you can follow the action by spectating the games themselves, or checking the page for results. That is -- if all goes well with the code update ;)

If you have any questions, ask me or do7hedew. Good luck everyone!

Written by: skeLman

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