NQR 9 is starting - They have a site! 2006-02-13
It's amazing, NQR is back. We're glad to hear about any qw activity, and this should be pretty big for europe. It looks like NQR season 9 will be underway soon. Signups will be open until Monday, February 27th. Will any teams from North America be entering? Probably at least one, and maybe more if there are enough divisions. Check out the site at http://nqr-network.com/nqr9/.
Written by: skeLman
vb  2006-02-14  05:13
skelman  2006-02-14  09:44
I don't believe so. At least not at this time, not here.
ia  2006-02-15  15:53
i want to enter a team. right now tentative members are ziel, karnage, dax and myself. if anyone is interested in actively playing scrims and matches then send me a pm.

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