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Work behind the scenes... 2006-02-07
Since this will be the first CTF tournament in the new tourney system, some changes are needed behind the scenes. The dev team is working on implementing changes to our stat processing to bring you the same (and perhaps more) graphs that were featured in NA NQR2 match reports. Coming with these graphs for the CTF games will be new CTF-based stats, including Captures, Flag Returns, Assists, Grapple kills, and more! Even the total time you had the flag during the game will be a statistic.

As a bonus, we plan on importing the Rampage 2005 tournament stats and match results to the system for all to see. Tourney players will be able to download the entire tournament from last year in mvd form and study up for the 2006 tournament.  :D  This should be coming within the next week.

Written by: skeLman
lemon  2006-02-09  19:43
The new stuff is going to be really cool. I am going to DCC the entire dev team cookies upon completion.
skelman  2006-02-09  22:45
Suh-weet! Er, wait..will these cookies have 'bits' of chocolate? oh dear...
skelman  2006-02-14  00:01
okay who's in this thursday night?
lemon!  2006-02-15  16:25
poindexter  2006-02-15  17:44

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