The 2nd Annual QWCTF Rampage 2on2 Tourney! 2006-01-25
The one night, 2v2 Rampage QWCTF tourney is coming...

Tourney date/time: Thursday, Feb 16th 815pmEST.

Check out this Link for more details.

We're going to try to keep it small (12 players or less) so we can finish it in one night like the last one. Take a look if you're interested...and yes this answers the question of "Where's the grapple?"'s in this tournament!

Written by: skeLman
skelman  2006-01-27  08:48
gg's of ctf last night. Had some 2on2, 3on3, 4on4 and even a 5on6 game. Glad to see there's still hope :)
vb  2006-01-28  09:06
Hope you don't mind - I pimped this on BesMella & sent PlanetQuake a mail about it.
lemon  2006-01-29  03:21
Woo thx vb.. I wonder if any Aussies will show up.. I haven't played with them in a while.
STEEK  2006-01-31  08:51
where and when im there! heh
vb  2006-02-02  19:41
Heh, I doubt Aussies will play on 200ms :(
STEEK  2006-02-16  12:13
im stuck in calgary with no computer.. i probably wont make it till the 25th :/
skelman  2006-02-16  13:58

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