New 4v4 QWCA League - Quake Arena Challenge 2006-01-18
It looks like codelock and middy are starting up a new QWCA 4v4 league. Since Stronger-than-all (STA) won't be doing it, they're giving it a go on their own.  Interested in signing up a clan?  Check out more details at: or browse their forums at:

Will this season be as successful as STA was?  Will it die as quickly as the QWCA Revival league?  Well here's one tip: Don't make the season 27 weeks long with 15 maps most people have never played. I seriously hope it goes well, more qw is a good thing.

I wonder if they have a league system in place on their site. They could ask about using the system here -- it's here for hosting qw leagues!

One more question, will section XVII of the rules cause problems? :)

Written by: skeLman
sico  2006-01-18  12:22
Thanks for posting skeLman. I'd like to see ALL the North American players start using this site. I only found about two months before it died. I was SO amazed at the amount of info/users. I hope Quakeworld.US becomes the same.
STEEK  2006-01-18  13:47
i'd like to thank sico for being sico
sico  2006-01-20  11:05
thank you STEEK
you are gay, good day!
skeLman  2006-01-20  13:21
:O needs more content, more people that are willing to be admins, start leagues, write columns. It could be so much more of a site, but what we need the most is an active qw community in the U.S. and Canada. I'm hoping everything bounces back soon.

lemon  2006-01-22  13:22
If I write a column, can it be about cookies?
STEEK  2006-01-24  08:48
lemon pm me yoru cookie column! ill post it :P.. i think PG is extinct

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