NA NQR 2 Nears End 2005-12-12
The playoffs kicked off last night with two good matches and a forfeit (guh). We're now down to three teams who will battle for the crown. You can follow the action here.
Written by: ult
skelman  2005-12-13  18:20
The deadline for the semi-finals match between ILL and BOSS is Thursday, 10pm EST. If this is scheduled for sooner, let us know :O.... The winner plays emc2 in the finals!
STEEK  2005-12-13  19:02
Thats cuz WTG refused to play any other day than sunday when we didnt have everyone.. go figure
skelman  2005-12-13  20:23
We couldn't on thursday, the one day proposed. The rules are clear, and tried to be fair. No one objected when they were posted. Scheduling has been a problem the whole season, and setting a default time to avoid conflicts seems like a good idea to me.

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