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Playoffs 2005-12-05
Playoffs will be given brackets and that all that good stuff this week and will start THIS week. Playoffs will have the top 6 teams competing. The top 2 will get a bye and the other 4 will play quarter final match ups. Brackets will be posted tonight after the matches from yesterday are reported.

Tenative playoff schedule:
Rd 1 matches due by 12/11 (sun)
Rd 2 matches due by 12/15 (thur)
Final Rd due by 12/22 (thur)


Sorry dread, had to edit your news post to fix some things :) -skeLman

Written by: dread
STEEK  2005-12-05  15:34
looks like boss hasn't played many matches, did mc2 play them? whats goin on? where are the stats of the completed games?
KovaaK  2005-12-05  15:51
boss played 2 matches last night, which brings us up to a total of 7. We didn't play mc2, qj, or ill.

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