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Make-Up Week 2005-11-22
Next week is make-up week, which means it is the last chance to get all your games done. All games remained unfinished will accrue a penalty of 1 pt. Which may effect your playoff poll position.

Any clans with more than 4 games unfinished will be removed from playoffs due to inactivity.


Written by: dread
Traxler  2005-11-22  20:41
Will results against those teams with more than 4 unfinished games be removed?
pg  2005-11-23  21:43
So, what are playoffs? Obviously ill, wtg, boss, and emc2 are going, but anyone else? Looks like ds, dz, and qj will forfeit most of their remaining games. Once you give teams those forfeits almost no teams will have less than 4 games unfinished at season end. Final rankings will probably be - boss, emc2, ill, wtg, eel, neg, ds, dz, fruit, qj, ins. Could allow 6 in, then give boss, and emc2 byes. That'd let neg and eel rematch ill or wtg probably.

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