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Regarding Forfeits 2005-11-14
No forfeits other than: INS vs 33L's have been reported to the head admin and accepted as forfeit losses, all other forfeited matches, until reported to me with a reason for their forfeit is still to be played.


Written by: dread
pg  2005-11-14  10:05
Personally I think the rules ought to be updated so forfeits are more reasonable. If you schedule a match then don't show(emc2 vs boss right?), and don't give a warning of not showing at least 24hrs in advance I think it should be a forfeit. Likewise, if you have players then drop(eel vs ins, dz vs emc2), I think it should be a forfeit also.
STEEK  2005-11-14  11:34
ds and neg forfiet vs eels because they never want to schedule gg! :)
pg  2005-11-14  13:20
I haven't even asked NEG to schedule yet :)
Ziel  2005-11-14  13:39
Ok i see what you mean pg, but what about when members would WOULD have been there but had problems getting home? Karnage got stuck in traffic and arrived a half hour later than the match intended time, thankfully we had 4 without him, but is that his fault? His power was also out so he also missed a match (i believe not sure or if he was just late for a prac) things like these are not things that can be told in advance.
Shit happens... IMO a forefit like that should be on atleast 2 or more scheduled times where the one team doesnt have enough.
skelman  2005-11-14  14:09
Well I would tend to lean towards the shit happens reasoning. But twice is probably enough...getting stood up as a clan twice probably should get you a forfeit win. And then there's the we refuse to schedule part...or the we're too far behind so we can't schedule, but then we don't play anyone else anyway... and then there's the okay lets play -- oh shit is that you're map, well damn.... we can't play now, we have to go practice those custom maps...come schedule again when its our week to play you. Sounds like a better alternative is 2 league nights a week.... for example: Thursday night 9est and Sunday night 9est, you have 2 chances to show up with 4 -- if you don't have 4 and cant play your map you will forfeit lose. It's how real life leagues are run all the time...might be a better idea next time. Or for future events, a one day only tournament. We did this with a 2on2 ctf tournament on a weeknight once and it was a blast... anyway, another long post by me :)
Traxler  2005-11-14  22:03
MNQL and TNQL (aka TEQ) were one day per week leagues back in the late 90s. They worked fine. There were forfeits, but lots of games were also played. I like skelman's idea.
pg  2005-11-15  11:45
I think league nights are a good idea, but I really don't think it will solve problems for the clans currently having trouble. I also agree shit happens but a lot of clans have more than 4 members, yet quite a few members don't care enough to show up to matches(hi skitter, rline!). I know people are busy with other things(work, school, etc) but when it comes down to it either you find/make time for QW or you don't. I think the vast majority of teams would wait a significant amount of time, if a team is just waiting on one last member so they can have 4. Most teams seem willing to wait 30mins to an hour in that case.

Seems like DZ, DS, and QJ are the biggest problem clans right now. INS I figure is done now, which I'm sure everyone saw coming. It was just a question of when. QJ has a solid core 3 in dax, kiajin, and zip but you never know if a 4th will show for them. I have no idea what happened to DS, they seem to have imploded after their first loss. What's up with DZ dread? :) Drako seems to have quit, and he was the founder and driving force for a while. Reminds me of TWAT last year when ash quit. Of course DZ dropping on EMC2 doesn't inspire confidence in them completing all their matches but I hope they do. DZ could be quite a good team.
pg  2005-11-15  11:59
What's the trick to get paragraphs in comments, html?
skelman  2005-11-15  13:31
No trick: it's not html allowed in comments. We kept it basic, got it working. Go ahead and add 'enhanced comments' to the todo list :P
ult  2005-11-15  14:55
[ultimo@sls-db3p1 TournamentSystem]$ svn commit -m 'updated todo list'
Sending TournamentSystem/todo.txt
Transmitting file data .
Committed revision 528.
skelman  2005-11-15  16:36
Thank you for sharing ult. Now if only someone was reading that list :O --- Btw... I don't think there is a solution for the clans that are having trouble. The people that don't care enough to show up for matches aren't really part of the active qw community. You speak of rline and skitter from eels...I haven't played against them in what seems like months. They are inactive, plain and simple. Find new members that will be active next season/tourney/whatever.

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