Americup QW duel tourney update! 2005-11-12
The Americup QW duel tourney will commence on the 21st of November -- a Monday. All group games are scheduled to play on Monday.

You may review the current rules (subject to change before the league starts) here. Phil has posted an important Americup QW tourney update at

For the news update including some interesting player descriptions, check it out at thanks phil!

Written by: skeLman
skelman  2005-11-22  12:52
It looks like the player listings are up, and the groupings are set. Not sure if they are finalized, but you can at least view the players participating now :)
phil  2005-11-22  15:54

groups have been more or less finalized (as of 2 minutes ago)
Traxler  2005-11-23  17:24
When will we see your predictions of who will advance from each division, phil?
phil  2005-11-25  10:09

Group games have all been rescheduled to Thursdays. Starting Dec 1st.
bambuz  2005-12-01  11:05
thump4 is my favourite. :)

What pings do the americans tend to get in local games? I've watched some demos and you have stuff like 70 and get quite low shaft percents.
pg  2005-12-02  07:10
Depends really. I'd say in duel people will probably be able to always find 78ms or below, usually 52ms or below. Duels from the same geographical area will take place at 39ms or below usually. Probably be quite a few played at 26ms, but few if any at 13ms.
hah  2005-12-04  11:51
i ping 13 to a few east servers

STEEK  2005-12-09  14:47
last place prize is sex for eternity
l o l  2005-12-12  08:14
l o l

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