AmeriCup QuakeWorld $1,000 duel tourney 2005-11-07
From Global Gaming League has announced the beginning of their second AmeriCup season, as well as the 12th annual ClanBase EuroCup league. These tournaments envelop a diverse array of games, such as CS 1.6, Q4 TDM and 1on1, WC3 2on2, WC3FT 1on1, CoD2, BF2, SWBF. For more information about all that, you can view the GGL news post.

In this news post, however, I will focus on the AmeriCup premiere of rgw QuakeWorld duel tournament, which has been slated a purse of $1k. The top three finishers will earn some cash, and the rest will participate in the inauguration of something that has the potential to grow nation-wide.

The QW AmeriCup season will last 8 weeks -- one practice week and seven group-game weeks (thats one game per week). Groups contain 8 players, and the cream of the crop will go on to the playoffs.

So, how do you get in on the action?

Your first step will be to make a account if you do not already have one. Simply go to and fill in all the fields. (If you have any problems, contact DonKing on IRC (qn/gs/etg) or via e-mail/msn: donking at ggl dot com)

Then, register for the tournament itself -- you can leave "justification" blank. If you are based outside the North Americas, I believe you can still register. However, because this is "AmeriCup", you will not have the option of playing on servers outside of North America.

Keep tuned at and for coverage!

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Written by: skeLman
ia  2005-11-12  12:50
where can i find a list of registered players?
pg  2005-11-12  18:34
is none other than the preview on chtv
phil  2005-11-15  19:34
that list is private (for reason unknown to me)

i guess you will know who signed up when the schedules and group lists are posted :)

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