Quake 4 Server 2005-10-20
I put up a dedicated quake 4 team dm server at va.quakeworld.us:28004. Still needs quite a bit of configuration probably as the default cfg contains basically nothing. Should have one up in texas soon as well.
Written by: ult
skeLman  2005-10-20  19:05
Nice. Now if only I owned it or had the system to run it ;/
sypher  2005-10-20  19:11
you need to put a map on there lol, cannot connect: no map running on server
ult  2005-10-20  19:55
looks like the default server config map queue is lame.. switched to map cycle.
adamllis  2005-10-20  21:59
* ^joy has joined #fruit.priv
<^joy> i just got done playing a 1v4 on ult's q4 server
<^joy> i won :p
* inertia sets mode: +o ^joy
<^joy> some kid joined my team the last 3 minutes
<^joy> but kept shooting at me
<^joy> luckily team dmg was off :F
sounds fun
who were you playing?
i thought you were against ult
but i suppose you werent
<^joy> ult was there when i joined
<^joy> he left after a few games
<^joy> http://forums.burial-grounds.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=13
<^joy> look at the chat history hahaha
in q4 joy?
ult  2005-10-20  22:54
btw you can just /connect quakeworld.us as that is the default port etc
pg  2005-10-21  01:41
what does everyone think of q4?
m  2005-10-21  10:23
STEEK  2005-10-21  11:03
my quake 4 is green and black with no other colors, for some reason it had full color on another computer... cries im going to have to figure that one out :(
skelman  2005-11-01  14:41
So what's the general feel about q4 gameplay now? Anybody really liking it? I haven't heard many people saying that, most say meh or it's 'okay'. Looks like I won't be upgrading once again, and q4 wasn't the next big thing... oh well, qw forever =).
KovaaK  2005-11-01  19:00
I'm enjoying it, but I went into q4 considering it to be a completely new game. I assume most everyone will walk into it assuming it's q3, which is bad for everyone... q3'ers who think that way get pissed that it has differences, and qw'ers get pissed thinking it is q3 since it does have some similarities.
pg  2005-11-01  21:31
write us a q4 review :D

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