ezQuake 1318 2005-10-06
A new version of ezQuake has been released. It offers several enhancements/fixes including the addtion of ALSA support for linux users.
Written by: ult
STEEK  2005-10-10  09:04
Any idea when the security module is coming out for that? Is this verison going ot be banned from NQR until that is realeased?
skeLman  2005-10-10  10:13
I think I read somewhere that it takes a week or so to get the security modules done, and that it's a seperate process. I would think it would be banned until then. [sarcasm]Then again, knowing all the trust that players have with one another, who needs em![/sarcasm] :D
STEEK  2005-11-29  13:37
still no security module, what were you reading skelman its been like 2 months

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