Who turned this thing on!? 2020-04-06
What better thing to do during a global pandemic then bring back a website that has been down for 14 years? I've always had the backups of the source code and database, but had never actually considered doing this and certainly didn't have the time. For quite a while someone was squatting the domain, but it just happened to be available when I checked which pushed this from random thought in my head to actually doing it.

I wanted a bit of a challenge so I didn't try to replicate the old server, but instead upgraded as much as I could. PHP5 to PHP7 and whatever 14 year old version of MySQL to the latest MariaDB. I don't think I wrote any of the original PHP code (only the backend demo parsing), but hats off to dew and skel as the migration was fairly easy. For those interested the code is here.

Unfortunately demos and screenshots were not backed up. I also have the forum database backup, but it doesn't look like its compatible with newer versions of phpBB. I'm sure the older versions don't work with PHP7 and would have hundreds of vulnerabilities.
Written by: ult
Poorchop  2020-05-17  07:25
This is amazing. Shame that the old forums aren't compatible with the new software but it's still good to know that somebody has backups.

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