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# All participants please idle in #american on

# Teams of exactly 2 players.

# No aliasing or fake nicks during matches, you must play with the name you signed up with.

# League stage followed by single elimination playoffs

# Single division for all teams. Top X teams advance to playoffs (to be revised depending on the amount of signups). If two or more teams are tied, it is decided in this order. The game between the two clans decides, number of maps won, and finally the frag difference)

# Point system: 3pts for 2:0 win, 3pts for 2:1 win, 1pt for 1:2 loss, 0 pts for 0:2 loss. If teams are even on points in the table, the following will seperate the clans (in this order): The map difference, The game between the two clans decides, number of maps won and finally the frag difference.

# A Match consists of two, best of three series. A regular map series, and a custom map series.

# Regular map pool consists of dm2, dm4, dm6.

# Custom map pool consists of efdm8, TBA, TBA.

# Best of 3: team A picks 1st map, team B picks 2nd map. If the match is tied 1:1 after two games, the remaining unplayed map is played. No map can ever be played twice or more times.

# If teams cannot agree upon who picks first map, the ktpro command /cmd rnd teamA teamB will be used to make the decision.

# Server Settings: Kteams pro "2on2" mode for each map (spawn safety off)

# servers: Any North American server that both teams agree upon. If teams disagree, a North American server with lowest average ping difference between the teams will be used. Admin intervention as last resort. It shows good sportsmanship to try and find a good server for all involved.

# Clients: latest official fuhquake 0.31 build 675 (ruleset smackdown), or EzQuake build 1518 (ruleset smackdown). Remote Qizmos are permitted for routing purposes only.

# All players must pass cmd check f_version, cmd check f_modified, cmd check f_server, and f_ruleset, with the proper replies.

# European players allowed to enter, if they don't mind playing at high ping and very late at night.

# Winning team reports with screenshots and MVD demos. 

# Be prepared to play 1 match per week or risk being removed from the league for inactivity.

# Scripts: Rocket jump and forward rocket jumps script are not allowed. Please add -norjscripts to your command lines.

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