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TeamThe Brown Eels (33l)
IRCQuakenet #33L

NameLocationGPScoreASEffRecord with+/-
pimpdragon United States 1134030.939.453-83.8
STEEK Canada 1130527.740.793-83.1
knell United States 2542730.370-23.8
crp United States 1333025.436.293-101.5
pg United States 1117015.535.673-8-8.6
hyena United States 4225.510.690-4-7.6
]km[skitter United States 00000-00
rline United States 00000-00

Bold = team leader

Tourney Schedule
WeekResultMatch Date
week1The Brown Eels vs team einstein (0-2)2005-10-24
week1The Brown Eels vs team insanity (2-0)2005-10-30
week2The Brown Eels vs bigdog / doum (2-0)2005-12-02
week2The Brown Eels vs illuminatis (0-2)2005-10-25
week3The Brown Eels vs Fruit (2-1)2005-11-06
week3The Brown Eels vs Where's the Grapple? (0-2)2005-11-07
week4The Brown Eels vs Quick Jeetness (2-0)2005-12-05
week5The Brown Eels vs new expert gamers (2-1)2005-12-02
week6The Brown Eels vs clan dz (2-0)2005-12-02
week7The Brown Eels vs The Boss (0-2)2005-12-05
Playoff week1Where's the Grapple? vs The Brown Eels (3-0)2005-12-12

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